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30min tasty paella

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heres my little paella recipe. works a treat if your trying impress ;)


1 med white onion diced thinly

1 red pepper sliced

1/3 bulb of garlic about 5-6 cloves crushed

1 red chilli stabbed not cut

paella rice 400g <---- u have to get the real stuff waitrose sells it. plain rice doesn't work

2 table spoons olive oil

1 tsp smoked paprika

generous pinch of saffron threads

140 ml dry white wine

pint of vegatable stock

1 lemon

flat leaf parsley handfull

8 tiger prawns shells and heads on (raw blue in coulour)

handfull of mussels debearded and washed

2 squid cleaned and cut into rings (get your fish monger to do this)


fry onions in oil until softened add pepper salt pepper. brown.

add garlic/ saffron/ paprika, mix until yellow/redish colour and wine and evaporate

salt/pepper to taste

add in paella rice 400g stir to cover in oil and colour and add veg stock

cook for 20 mins low/med heat if rice sticks together stir, gets too stodgy add water.

add prawns/muscles/squid cook 4-6 mins or until muscle shell have opened and the prawns have turned from blue to pink.

cut pasley courseley add one half keep the other half for garnish if your trying to impress, dress with lemon wedges.

paella DONE!!!

enjoy :)

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