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Incredible Bulk

My Contest Prep Journal - NABBA Show 4th July

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thank you everyone!

CHAPTER 2.....

Road to the NABBA 1st Timers Britain Finals

I have decided to take this opportunity to compete in the finals for the experiance and exposure it can offer.

Initially i had planned on bulking up to add as much mass for 2010 shows but this is too good to miss i think.

My conditioning while good, was not great and i know i can improve on this with the help of Paul come time to prep for the show.

For now, its time for the rebound and adding some size over an 8-10 week period.

Currently sat here like a stuffed pig as i did go OTT last night with the food but back to normality this morning. Had two weetabix and a protein shake for breakfast even though i was still full from the curry and half a cheesecake from the night before (cheers hungrybriton!).

Today at work has been a great laugh as i show the pics and explain why i look like a burnt raisen and why i have to wear banana hamocks :D

I'm aching all over from the show, calves and lats particular!

Last night i went for 60mins cardio around the local area and enjoyed it, i think i might be addicted to this lark.

I'm going to the gym tonight but for a light workout, show my orange face and keep the metabolism chugging along.

I will be increasing carbs gradually throughout the week and keeping with the T3

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