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Questionable batch of melanotan?

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anyone ever experience this?

I ordered some off alibaba recently that was on discount from a gold supplier, audited, verified, long list of positive reviews.

It definitely works for tan, strong stuff, but I've been getting a little more nauseous than usual and it's like mt2 side effects but particularly strong.

What concerns me bizarrely is the way it was packaged.


It's not the usual kind of chunks of powder but rather finely congealed at the bottom of the vial.

any experience with this?

Perhaps it's my lack of experience with it but it makes me un-easy.

Any experienced mt2 user, if you'd be open to it I can post you on a vial (i'll dm you my order screen shot off alibaba etc), try it and report back.
I only paid 20 pounds for 10 vials (5 mg vials) so it would be worth it to me to get a second opinion.

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