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Rotator cuff friendly excersices?

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Are you doing things to strengthen the Rotator Cuffs/Rear Shoulders as well? 

Face Pulls are a must. 

In terms of what workouts to do id avoid Flys like the Plague, use Cable Flys of you must but the best Chest Exercise if you have bad Shoulders is the Incline Hex press, anything Incline with Chest will take some stress off your Shoulders but Hex Press almost all strain is on the Pecs. 

With Shoulders, again the more your Elbows are tucked in the less stress on the Shoulders, when I had a Shoulder Impingement I just Shoulder pressed a Kettle Bell with 2 hands, no Shoulder pain at all. 

Yoga if you don't already do it, works magic on tight Muscles and Joints. 

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RC friendly general upper body exercises would be (not exhaustive)

Bent over rows- use a shoulder width grip to avoid overloading the subscapularis.

Reverse flies- keep thumbs pointing upwards towards your head and keep hands below shoulder height

Side lateral raises. Keep your thumbs pointing up, raise arms in line with the scapular plane and stop just short of shoulder height.

Face pulls. Same cues to the reverse flies.

Neutral grip pullups- don't go into a dead hang every rep- keep the tension on the muscles. If any discomfort, try turning it into more of a row by engaging the abs etc to angle your belly towards the ceiling a bit and stick your chest up, this puts the shoulder in a more neutral and advantageous position.

Dumbell floor press is the most RC/ shoulder friendly press there is.

I reckon everyone should be doing RC innies and outies 2-3 times a week , dead hanging off a bar for a minute a day and doing 2-3x as much pulling as pushing.

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