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Hiya I’m 16 years old and been working out for over a year now.  Could any experienced bodybuilders have a look at the following photos and give me feedback on the amount of muscle I have for my age. Is it a good start for later years I’m bodybuilding?6DE25F0C-91DE-46D7-8D51-712B53D6957A.thumb.jpeg.cc0f13b298c09d96feb8e426b514b63d.jpeg9DB60ECC-319D-4DD4-9454-1343FE8B0588.thumb.jpeg.23138bfcdb5ba2ad18a7baa022321d85.jpegAC654BC3-D2DC-4D07-B282-0517903992DF.thumb.jpeg.28a8c3aaaa95455475a89a847327f39f.jpeg4BD1FC75-3DEB-4D6B-A160-3C94A0488FB5.thumb.jpeg.c14838da5644f64af645d654876c1a4c.jpeg

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