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75kg strict curl good for 288lbs man?

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I'm not 288lbs anymore but at my heaviest 288lbs I strict curled 75kg against a wall using a barbell (not an EZ Curl Bar) was this good for my weight? I was overweight at most likely 40% bodyfat and I'm 190cm please don't suggest that the form must of been atrocious I was standing against a wall, did not swing my arms or use any stupid jerking motion. prior to this I started doing curls 4 weeks ago before curling 75kg, should I continue and try to get better at curling? I want to but I don't know if the amount I've curled is even significant or good, I have bought an EZ Curl bar now to make it much easier I want to hit 90kg by the end of this year, well that's the dream anyway. 

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