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Looking for advice and critique

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Hi guys n gals - UK based here I feel the best way to improve and learn is from others advice.

I have cystic fibrosis, diabetes and liver disease. Currently at 71kg bodyweight age 36 I've been training on and off for 5 years took up coaching with a PT a while back made some good progress learned a lot but unfortunately he's changed careers to join the forces so I'm back to training solo. I feel I've learned enough to keep going alone but its hard to know sometimes what you need to do I'm not afraid to ask for advice hoping some of the more experience folk on here can critique me.

I started at 76kg went down to 67kg at my lightest and now slowly climbing back up as I was around 20% BF with a belly and little muscle. I am mainly looking for advice on my current physique and what to do. Want to lean out in the stomach area (don't we all) and continue to build width I like the wider shoulders, chest and back look... old school. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed by abs overall. I typically train typically 5 days a week legs, chest, back, shoulders, rest full body and then rest. I typically don't do arm days or abs just tie those onto other workouts. Not sure how accurate the scales are in the gym they have me around 14% bodyfat but I know I carry more in my mid section and lower back than top.

For working sets of 10+ reps
Deadlift 140kg/150kg
Squad 120/130kg
Bench 85kg ish
Military Press 65kg achieved today

My intakes currently around 2500 cals a day 130g of that protein, 50g fat and typically around 280-300g of carbs.

Anyway look forward to replies :-)









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