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to start and make a drastic difference pt required

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Im looking to make serious changes to my life style and body.  But i do not have the knowledge to do so on my own.  I have the motivation and commitment to start with and the type of meis hold it a few weeks and its a habit as i have an addictive personality.

The problem is i need to acomplish a drastic chance in a short amount of time to start.  I want a serious change in me in 6 weeks if this is possible.  if anyone can help or advise on diet and workout i will follow it or if more info is required just ask and il provide all

Im in early 30s im 5''10, 81kg 

If any personal trainers etc out there want to do before and after pics il do it no problem if they can make a difference.  also im looking to continue this for the long term just want aserious difference in 6 weeks to start but i will be keeping up the training.  

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