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If you're going to insist on eating chicken, rice & brocolli let's atleast make it taste good!

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So - you've watched the YouTube video, you've read the GQ articles and the reason that superhero actor got so jacked was definitely a diet of chicken, rice & brocolli and definitely not because he took a f**k tonne of exogenous hormones. Chicken, rice and brocolli combined is totally magic and 100x more anabolic than testosterone. It's the one neat trick that pro-bodybuilders don't want you know....


Nah! Thats not to say they aren't good food products; they are. They are just no better than any others - my biggest gripe is how they are eaten; dry ass chicken breast, over boiled rice and gloopy boiled brocolli. For less than 100kcal extra we can make them into something worth eating though; delicious chicken biriani! 


2 x chicken breast - diced pretty finely (smaller chunks the better- chicken mince is even better!)

200g or so brocolli - chopped finely; use the stalk too. Its all good - alternatively use fine beans just chop em roughly into 3rds

1 brown onion diced finely

1tbsp tomato paste

1 tbsp curry powder (medium if you're a bitch, hot if you're a man)

1 chicken stock cube/1tbsp chicken stock

30g saltanas

130g basmati rice (white/brown. Whatever)

1 - fry the onion in a little oil and add curry powder and a little pepper. Cook until soft (around 2/3 minutes)

2 - once soft add chicken breast piece and cook until browned. Once browned add chicken stock (dry - do not mix with water) and tomato paste. Cook until caramelised- around 3 minutes

3 - stir in basmati rice (uncooked)

4 - add 300ml cold water to pan and bring to boil. Add brocolli and salaams

5- reduce heat to low and cook for around 10-12 minutes. If looking dry add a splash more water.

6 - fluff up with fork and serve


Serves 2. fu**ing easy and way more tasty than that mushy/dry/tasteless s**t you been eating

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