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Cam G

Looking to cut and build lean muscle, 5/6 months goal

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Morning all, just joined this forum, I'm currently 13 stone 9 pounds, that isn't all muscle, lot of body fat, I started working out again, lifting weights and some cardio three weeks ago, I am on a low calorie, high protein shake with creatine at moment. I am looking to get down to a low body fat so I can bulk healthier.

My diet is solid now, I'm having all your cliche, chicken, ground beef, salmon, veg, eggs etc, no bad sugars or fats but I feel like I need an actual program and advice to maximise my results. 

I have 0 idea how to post a photo to show my currently physique to get an idea of my body fat. 

If anyone could guide me to a direction of actually maximising results I would be grateful.

I'd like to lose a stone by say June or July if that's possible. 


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I think uploading a photo will make it easier for people to offer an opinion and advice.

I'll be making a similar post soon  and have the photos ready to go!

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