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Painful bicep in joint after forearm

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Just wondering if I can get some advice?

I've had a pain in the joint of the bicep and forearm for about 2 months. I've managed to continue with some workouts but haven't been able to properly complete any bicep sets due to the pain. Should I carry on with the exercises I can do? Also, how long does it normally take to heal?

I have another issue! I've been training on and off for over 30yrs (I'm 48) and I've never really managed to increase my strength, I always just about lifted the same weights (which are max for me). During 1st lockdown I was able to train 6dys a week for about 10 weeks and then I've trained 4dys a week (although, I have to say this is not every week as I sometimes I have back pain so have to leave it a few days or a week). I've had a number of people say I should be a lot bigger for the amount of training I do. Any suggestions?



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