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Alright guys so I've recently moved house, and have much more space now for my home gym, I've been building my gym equipment up slowly now (and posted the progress in the equipment threads - building Valhalla) and will start keeping track of my workouts once again :)

I'm making good progress  and no better way to break in the gym with a wee deadlift workout :)



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On 13/01/2021 at 9:41 AM, Tonysco said:

Good work,

Remember it only takes a minute to put the safeties in the rack, could save your life one day. 

Yes I have no problem with safety bars but because I'm a little on the wide side I clip my arms against them on the way down. I have recently brought my arms in narrower to fit inside them, not as comfortable but as you say makes it safer and let's me go for absolute max now without worrying

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So I have now decided to specialise in squat for a while. Basically over a 7 day period I'm doing 3-4 squat workout and interspersed with them 2-3 non leg days. 

It's been really brutal si far but sk enjoyable. I very the intensity if the workouts throughout the week.

Here is week 1


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so now that I have safety bars I thought I would put them to use to allow me to do rear seated shoulder press. this is almost impossible to do without this set up so had a lot of fun and managed 110kg 242lb.




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Officially a rest day, but couldn't help but have a playaround with some continental lifts and presses.


Ended up with a few fails but the grind continues.


And not too bad for a "day off" lol



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Started with a little playaround on heavier weights today on bench. Got to 150kg 330lb and was well pleased as I have another 7-8months to peak, so if I'm doing 150kg now in my light phase I may be able to push for 180kg 400lb at the end of the year! But then playtime was Iver and it was time to do some work so stripped the bar down to 120kg 265lb. I wanted to start my volume work by doing super strict reps. Overly strict tbh and very controlled to the point of turning into a negative lift as well as the lift proper. Did this on 120kg, 110kg and 100kg. Then I wanted to work the explosion and speed of the movement off the chest, to put as much tension into the pecs as poss for maximum muscle growth. These are a much easier way to lift than compared to the prior few sets but help work your body in a different way. So ended up doing high volume sets on 90kg, 80kg and 70kg My back and shoulder are nearly healed following a couple of injuries that have come off the aftermath of my world record, so hopefully soon be back into the rhythm with squat and deadlift also




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Back day today! And strictly speaking I shouldn't be deadlifting atm due to a lower back injury, but he'll will freeze over before I take my own advice lol So took it easy on deads, kept it light and simple, though off camera I did thoroughly warm up with 15 singles on 120kg 264lb. But after deads the work began with loads of volume work. Combining t-bar row for thickness of the rhomboids, chins for width and thickness of the latisimus dorsi and finished off with two super sets of bent over rows to help flair out the lower lats.


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Seated rear press today -one of my faves.


Started off light but kept going and going


30kg 16reps

40kg 16reps

50kg 16reps

60kg 16reps

70kg 16reps

80kg 6reps

90kg 1reps


Then I did weighted band work, front raises and triceps push downs, and as usual I finished with prone hyper extensions and roman chair situps


next traps


It's time to start preparing for my next world record!!


It's a long road to tread and the first step is always the hardest, but the grind continues and those who fall behind are left behind.


All the reps I've done have had bands attached so the first weight is how heavy it is at the bottom and the second weight is what it is at the top of the lift


45-75kg 30reps

95-125kg 30reps

145kg-175kg 30reps

195kg-225kg 30reps

235kg-265kg 26reps

275-305kg 16reps


And then about to blast out a set on 295-325kg


Finished my shrug workout in style on two real heavy ass weights for loads of reps







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Training twice today, here is my morning workout, from 6am this morning 



70kg 10reps 2sets

120kg 10reps 2sets

170kg 10reps

210kg 10reps

250kg 10reps

290kg 10reps

320kg 10reps

320kg 16reps

320kg 27reps


Taking a break and then doing my volume work on shrugs, side and rear delts in about 3-4hours time


Second workout over and done, as promised much more volume work on this one, body is responding really well in this light phase, gaining loads of muscilarity whilst shaping up also


Basically loads of reps and sets on banded shrugs, ending up on 130kg with a extra band resistance of 23-73kg 


The a mix of side and rear delts that were supersetted into the shrug movements and a final tid bit of biceps and triceps







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A tale of two workouts haha so another day where I am doubling the workouts up, staring off with a heavish session with the intention of coming in with loads of volume work in my second workout.


Today is leg day so that means squats, squats and more squats!! 💪


Simple one to start, worked my way up to an easy 220kg 485lb for a single, now going to rest and eat (and take the doggos for a walk) for a couple of hours before hitting legs again with my reps and sets


Part 2 of today's leg workout


So following doing my singles this morning, I ate had a walk with the dogs and then jumped straight back into the gym for some basic volume work


Lots of reps all on a banded bar, 


Bands  23kg -72.5kg

             50lb - 160lb


Great way to pump up the lower quad more and more with every rep but keep massive volume also


Ended up getting up to 120kg which was easy hut my back was seizing up lol so rather than pull anything I I called it quits -but what a pump!




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Part 1 of today's double Trouble squat workouts


Hahah this training twice a day is battering me but its soooo fun also lol 


Simple one to start 


100kg 3reps

120kg 3reps

140kg 3reps

160kg 3reps 

180kg 3reps

200kg 3reps


Then some hill runs 


All done in 25mins


Been shattered since then, luckily shane isn't over till early evening. Been taking advantage and been bumming around sunbathing and sleeping lol


Hence the late post lmao


But should be back in the gym in about an hour


Part 2 of my double Trouble Leg workout


A classic way of doing volume for this one, but with a twist


10 sets of 10reps on 80kg 176lb squats ... buuuuuuut.... each set being supersetted with 20reps on leg extensions.


Not massive weights but these things add up, especially on pre-exhausted legs that are feeling the heavy sets from earlier on in the day and the little leg workout I did the day before. Nothing quite like battering your muscles into submission for maximum growth and development.


Finished the workout off with a massive 2min set on leg extensions with a variety of techniques, including flushes, partials and single legged reps




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1 hour ago, Endomorph84 said:


I'd agree - the accent is somewhere black country, Dudley or Sandwell.  Al looks like he'd set fire to someone's car if they spilt his pint (no offense), so i'm going with Tipton.

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Ya see I was kinda thinking that but I’m not entirely sure. Definitely not a Lesta accident like mine and Blue. Definitely not Liverpool or Smelly Oak. I’m still not sure.

Big Al, like the masked singer, reveal yourself brother?

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