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Alright guys so I've recently moved house, and have much more space now for my home gym, I've been building my gym equipment up slowly now (and posted the progress in the equipment threads - building Valhalla) and will start keeping track of my workouts once again :)

I'm making good progress  and no better way to break in the gym with a wee deadlift workout :)



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On 13/01/2021 at 9:41 AM, Tonysco said:

Good work,

Remember it only takes a minute to put the safeties in the rack, could save your life one day. 

Yes I have no problem with safety bars but because I'm a little on the wide side I clip my arms against them on the way down. I have recently brought my arms in narrower to fit inside them, not as comfortable but as you say makes it safer and let's me go for absolute max now without worrying

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