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sean m

Flat bench

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Imagine your feet are on a treadmill that's turned off and you are trying to roll the belt away from you. 

Leg drive isn't really as important as it is to just remain tight with a constant foot pressure to keep the hips tight (bench is a full body activated lift)

If you do go for an actual leg drive you still want a constant pressure from the unrack that increases as the bar lowers to your chest then you go 100% on the drive as you blast the bar off your chest.

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Watch this;


For me i keep my core tight and tense my quads to drive myself back before I unrack the bar itself, i find this keeps me far more stable then actively pushing back into the bench during the lift. 

Some people will bench with their feet back from the front of the bench, almost under their arrse depending on flexibility, i've always found this to cause my backside to leave the bench if I drive back too much, so I keep my shins relatively vertical. 

Remember to get a good squeeze on the bar and maintain it throughout, your forearms should have a pump after a set. Learning to use your upper back effectively is also very important. Often I'll train it as pulling the bar towards me, and then pressing myself away from the bar, since eventually the bar will weigh more than you it makes sense to think of it as the thing that's stationary, and you the thing that's moving. Really helps to activate the back. 

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