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Hi guys first post, I'm looking for some input from any experienced guys who've had to train around some pretty bad long term injuries by thinking outside the box abit

I've got nerve damage down my back from a ruptured l5 s1 disc where I've lost the majority of strength and feeling in my leg, calf and foot

I've had one op on my back but basically I'll never get back to normal and if it gets any worse a spinal fusion is next but this would be subject to another injury, so if i basically take care and plod on as I am now and strengthen my core things will stay as they are long term which is bearable 

This is what I'm typically doing up until the last lockdown. Basically 3 days in a row full upper body fri, sat, sun due to work

Dynamic warm up
10min slow walking on a treadmill
10 min core work and mobility

3 to 6 sets 8 to 20 reps
Usually flat bench or decline but also incline dumbbells, hammer strength chest press, cable flys, push ups

Upper back
2 to 5 sets with 8 to 15 reps from the below
Chest Supported rowing machine with weight stack, dumbbell rows with chest resting on 30/45 degree bench, cable face pulls

2 to 5 sets 8 to 15 reps from the below
Lat pull down variations, macine assisted pull ups( much better for neutral spine)hammer strength pull down machine. Cable straight arm pull down ( lat isolation excercise)

4 to 6 sets 8 to 20 reps from the below
lateral raises, cable or dumbbell one arm upright rows, rear delt flyes, very light one arm dumbbell overhead press or Smith machine OHP but almost a very high incline chest press - overhead pressing loads the spine so I don't waste much time on this as its dangerous

2 to 5 sets for bis and tris
Dumbbells or cable work. Using a bar is to risky same with dips

I'll also be doing 20 to 30 min on the stair master at the end of each sessions when things reopen

Because my right leg basically doesn't work because of nerve damage I'll also be doing one day at home for mobility work and basic body weight leg stuff- squats, lunges, glute bridges etc no need to be in a gym for this

The above looks like overkill 3 days in a row but I literally do a 10kg per side on bench to give you an idea what sort of weights I'm doing it doesn't even feel like I've done much by the end of the third day so it makes me feel its not worth bothering with if it's doing not much more than mild cardio work

Please let know any suggestion for the best way to train on weekends around this injury to actually make some progress where I cant train heavy at all and I cant really increase the weight as time goes on so I have to make the most of really lightweights 

I'm going to be throwing as many techniques to up the intensity as I can I.e drop sets. Static holds. Rest pause/ DC training, pre exhaustion, 10 sets of 10+ with short rest,negativesb etc etc

Please let me know any suggestions or what you'd  do to get the most out of the gym

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