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Carb powders

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1 hour ago, Shergar said:

Name your price mate :lol:

@Clubber Lang remember this stuff.....


Only got about 10 sachets left. I bought 2 full boxes cheap off eBay last year as it was close to its use by date. I'm not bothered about that seeing as it's a sealed dry powder. I tend to open 3 or 4 at a time, empty them in to a tub with a silica gel pouch and then use a very small scoop full before I train. In small amounts it's pretty nice. Too much and it actually fvcks up your workout. 

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I have maltodextrin pre workout and and dextrose intra and post, I only use it to hit my carbs easier as I’m on 650 which is quite high for me, if I was on lower carbs I’d probably just stick to intra 

bodybuilding warehouse is cheap with the 50%off they frequently offer, get 5kg maltodextrin and 4kg dextrose for about a tenner 

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I use maltodextrin post workout - 100g is usually sufficient giving me an extra 400 calories for the day. 

Tried using it pre and intra but it doesn't work and causes me to crash somewhat. I couldn't care less what it does post-workout because the crash sends me to sleep for a nice post workout anabolic nap! 

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