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Hi all,

I'm currently reviewing my options to beginning treatment for secondary hypogonadism privately in the UK, near London.  My two front-runners are well known clinic Balance My Hormones, and the less prevalent Nebula Health. 

Some background on me: early 20's and classic symptoms of hypogonadism.  My lifestyle is entirely conducive to a healthily functioning endocrine system (other than a stimulant medication used for ADHD since adolescence).  I had a bout of mumps around 13 months ago.  I want to avoid Testosterone Replacement as much as I can and focus on a therapy combining hCG and Clomid use to increase T and maintain/increase fertility.

I am reassured by Balance My Hormones' testimonials and their large presence.  However, I have been absolutely blown away by the service and expertise I've experienced with Nebula Health.  I'm convinced these guys are on the cutting edge of these treatments and know an incredible amount, more than any youtube or internet guru I've come across in the last few years of passive research and the last two months of active research.

I'm really interested in your guys' experience and recommendations and am happy to answer any questions you might have about my situation.

Thanks in advance




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