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Meadey's Mutation log

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Evening guys,


Not dead, just been on night shifts this week.

So night shifts have had me doing  a lot more steps and my weights down to 110.4 in the morning. Added 100g carb and 25g protein but it's still dropping. On the way back I'll pick up a mcdonalds or something today because I feel very drained. I'm on work PC so I can't post the picture but you cna find it on @sammeadepl instagram. Overall happy, not  a fan of dropping weight but it's clear I'm not adding fat, I still have striated delts/quads.


So new diet looks like this:


Meal 1: 150g Ground rice, 15 egg whites, 1 bagel with Jam, 1 banana
Meal 2/3/4: 100g Rice 200g Chicken 50g pineapple + onions. (onions are just the vegetable I'm enjoying at the moment, and I'm told theyre good for your skin)
Pre workout: 150g Ground rice, 30g egg white powder.
Intra workout: 400ml Pineapple Juice, 100g Maltodextrin, 40g egg white powder OR 30g EAA (depends what I have available). this is added to 10g creatine
Post workout1: 1 bagel + jam, 60g egg white powder
Post workout2: 200g rice 300g tilapia 50g pineapple
Prebed: 50g protein from Steak and egg whites (amounts depends what I have) 200g white potato.

This comes to somewhere around 950c/425p/30f

Drug protocol:
Pinning EOD:

1g test EW
1g eq EW
350 tren ace EW

4iu GH ED
45IU Lantus ED
35 IU Novorapid ED used 10 pre breakfast, 15 preworkout and 10 post workout.

My estrogen feels very low on this so I may add a little more test prop or some dbol, but after prep I'm looking to give orals a break for a bit.
Using vitamin b6 to deal with increased prolactin from HGH, I noticed it was flaring up the slight tissue I have in my right pec

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