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Anyone know about belts

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Unless you plan to compete then the "spec" of a belt isnt that important.

However the best belts are 3-4" wide. 10-13mm thick and use a buckle to close. Lever belts are pretty crap tbh since you cant easily adjust them for a change in weight or if you want it tighter or looser for one lift or another. Belts that taper and get narrow at the front also aren't worth anything. 

If i was going to buy a belt now it would probably be this one;


If you don't like the idea of spending £100 + then these look decent for less than £70;


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16 hours ago, Jackoffblades said:

Anyone know about the specs of belts. I don’t know anything about them I just wear them. I like look of this red one. It’s cheap though 



I've got that exact belt only mine was off some Scottish kilt makers or some s**t 


Unless your at pro level I doubt there's gonna be any difference between that and a 80+ quid one 

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