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Richard P

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Evening all, I was hoping for some advice.
I recently did my little home gym up for about £600 but it works (punchbag,bench, rower, pull up bar etc). There are lots of firms that will build bespoke gyms but they re for people that can afford it. Most people don’t have 5k to spend doing up a home gym. But I also feel that a vast majority of people want to exercise at home but don’t know how to utilise the space/source the equipment. People aren’t that keen to head back to the gym (37% are not going back in a recent survey).
My idea after doing my gym and watching home edit on netflix was to offer a service coming round to people’s houses around surrey/London initially (or a virtual tour) and assessing their needs and space for a home gym. There are articles and advice online but nothing like this.
Let’s say consultation is £100 and we then deliver them a plan of what they can do taking into account their budget, lifestyle and space. We can then either do it for them or they can do it themselves. There could also be a PT/nutrition plan bolt on that could be a one off or a rolling scheme.
In summary we believe everyone regardless of budget should have access to a home space and the tools to exercise. We could facilitate that.
I feel it’s a good idea but does it have legs and could it be scaled up??? Thoughts please??

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Or they could talk with some one for free at a shop that sells the stuff. 

Plenty of forums or facebook groups where people will help for free. 

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Very true and I appreciate your thoughts but I was thinking of a more bespoke service where you assess their needs and utilise the space available. I wasn’t thinking of this for the fitness freaks out there. More the 2/3 times a week gym attendees who can’t/won’t go any more and want to do so edging at home.

Feedback’s appreciated,thanks ??

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