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Preferred Set/Rep Range

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What’s your preferred amount of volume and how intense are your sets?

I switch things around over time as I’m sure most do but currently doing the following...

Warm-up sets - Varies by exercise and where I am in my workout but minimum 12 reps.  For bigger movements I’ll do a few sets increasing weight and lowering reps until I feel suitable warmed up.

Work sets - 2x8 then 1x12 all to failure so will extend if the reps are there to be had.

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For compounds, I go as low as 3 reps till 8 reps. All these ranges are spread thru 5 weeks span so basically a kind of linear progression

For Isolations, it goes from 8 to 15 reps.

Sets are between 8 to 12 for each muscle group.


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