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Any thoughts/experiences on medicinal mushrooms?

Currently I am taking (all varying doses):

  • Lions Mane (Supposed to be good for cognative ability)
  • Cordyceps 'Pre Jog' (Good for lung capacity and endurance)
  • Shiitake (Improves Cardiovascular health)
  • Reishi (Sleep aid and good for immune system)
  • Turkey Tail (Boosts immune function)

I became interested in this after listening to a podcast where a guy was explaining the wonders of medicinal mushrooms. Looked at a few studies etc. but thought the best way is to trail myself.

I have yet to feel any 'noticable' benefits (other than Cordyceps, that stuff can add an extra 3-4 miles to my jog) But of course, it could be hard to measure some of the above.

Interested to hear other people's thoughts/experiences.


(Moved to this section to get some action ;))

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