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Best podcasts for gains?

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Fit Pants (T Nation podcast).
Revive Stronger.
Muscle Memoirs.
Stogner By Science.
Eite FTS.
Optimal Physique Development.
Rugby Muscle.
Triage Method.
Elite Physique University.
Evolutionary Radio.
Beast Fitness Radio.

Fouad Abiad and Mark Bells Power Project have some great guests.

Advices Radio podcast is great, they release numerous ones through the week.

  • Its Just Bodybuilding w/ Ron & Dusty
  • Blood Sweat & Gear w/ Skip Hill
  • Muscle Minds w/ Dr Scott Stevenson
  • Renegade Muscle w/ Lee Priest

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Stronger by science  - think that's correct name with Greg Nuckols and trexler. Can be a bit overly sciencey but hey the clues in the title ha. Westside do a thing i think, starting strength has some good ones even if Rip can be a bit myopic in his outlook. Lots of strength guys - EliteFTS, Chad Wesley of juggernaut training etc

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