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It’s fine but given the relatively small price difference between that and whey, I’d go with whey every time as it’s a more complete protein source.

that said, I’ve been advising to avoid matrix for the last 10 years.

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Soy in small amounts is fine.you just don't want to replace your regular protein sources with it as its an inferior protein source compared to whey,eggs,meat etc.as @faipdeooiad  and @OptimumPTave pointed out.

The main issue with soy protein is in the manufacturing process.one of the cheaper manufacturing processes uses a solvent called hexane which isn't the best option.by consuming soy in large amounts you also consume the associated phyates, trypsin inhibitors and phytoestrogens the are contained in a lot of all in one protein powder and protein bars.

Manufacturers use soy as its a cheaper protein source,which obviously increases their profit margins.soy can also help to extend the shelf life of protein bars,also.

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