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Bulking. The right amount of calories (?)

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Aloha lifters! So here I am bulking (obviously :D). My current stats 81 kg 185 cm ecto but I have some belly fat I reckon I am about 14-15 % bf. Gym three days a week compound lifts + hypertrophy training about 90 min each workout progressive overload and so far it is going really well (been adding weights every week recently), natty not enhanced/no gear.  Apart from the gym however I am quite sedentary. My job is pretty easy all I have to do is sit at home and do stuff on my PC and I can get as much sleep as I want (actually I feel like I often sleep more than I should lmao). So I hardly burn any calories unless it is a gym. With the help of a few so to say 'reputable sources' I have calculated my bulking calories intake. Here it is   1.  MyFitnessPal: 3000 kcal on workout days 2600 kcal on rest days  2. Bodybuilding.com: 2861 kcal daily.    3. Gregg Doucette:  actually says you don't need to ever dirty bulk (dirty bulk = eating your maintannence + 1000 extra kcal like many kids on the internet suggest nowadays). His reasoning is you are gonna gain fat that way and little muscle and then you would need to shed a lot of fat in order to be lean. So instead you can just eat normal/slight surplus/deficit depending on your goal and gain lean muscle but obviously you are gonna gain weight a bit slower that way with the absence of all the 'bulk' fat. So for me dirty bulk is not an option definitely (my liver just hates me when I eat fat burgers and milkshakes xD). Out of those three personally leaning a lot towards MyFitnessPall calories plan. What do ya'll think? Bullshit or good? How did you go about your diet when you were trying to get muscle? What do you think is the right amount for me to keep on consistently gaining muscle?

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This is how I work it out. Hold on to your hat, it’s very technical......

Sedentary - Multiply BW in lbs by 14.
Fairly active - Multiply BW in lbs by 15. 
Active - Multiply BW 
in lbs by 16.

That will give you your maintenance cals, five or take. Then add or takeaway 200-300 depending what the goal is. 

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I’m similar weight to you , maybe slightly less BF but not much. Can’t remember the exact numbers but think I’m on around 2900 rest days and just over 4K training days. My job is sedentary , I workout x4 a week and get 15 min cardio in ‘most’ days. Those cals were increased yesterday from around 2700 and 3600 , I was putting on 1lb a week but stalled this week so slight increase. 

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