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What have I done?

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About 2 weeks ago my Right Wrist and Hand started to hurt, gets better throughout the day but after I sleep it feels stiff and in pain. 

I went back to the gym today, and tried Wrist Straps, which didn’t really help. Here’s what happened:

DB Bench - Doable but did cause some discomfort

DB Shoulder Press - Easier, didn’t really feel anything in my wrist or hand

Tricep Flat Bar Pulldown - Severe Pain, couldn’t move the bar more than an inch downwards. The weight wasn’t even heavy. 

Anyone have any idea what this could be? I’ll go see the Osteopath but just wondering if anybody has a clue what this may be. 

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Okay, found out. I had to have an X-Ray today as the pain was getting worse. 6 hours in A&E and told I’ve suffered a Triquetral Fracture so game over for now just as I was getting back! 

Gave me the option of Reduction or Surgery, went with Reduction first off, hurt like hell! Just trying to avoid Surgery if possible. 

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