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When to start cycle during off season???

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Hi everyone, 

I'm just about 1 month in towards the end of my cut and planning a 1.5year lean bulk. I'm looking to throw a 12-14 week cycle in there but wondering at what stage i should start. Right at the beginning, midway or towards the end? 

Would appreciate your opinion!



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10 minutes ago, Cronus said:

How are the naps treating you mate?

Not started yet mate. I’m too paranoid I’ll jump on and gyms will shut again. Going to wait now til November at least and see what The score is then. 
I don’t know what I’m more impressed by....how strong my willpower is or how small my testicles are still after being a gay natty for so dam long.  

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depends what your goals are and your risk vs reward 

you're proposing a 3 month cycle in an 18 month time frame 

this is very mild / almost not even worth it imo as most of the supraphysiological mass will drip away like a leaking bucket off cycle

this is why people cycle on, off and back on again or drop to trt or cruise in between cycles and continue to do so until they've achieved what they're after or reached an age it's no longer that important or viable to them.

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