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Variation of workouts

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Recently started gym work on a more serious level and looking some basic advice.

At the minute, my splits are as follows:

Day 1 - Chest, shoulders, triceps

Day 2 - Legs and core

Day 3 - Biceps and Back

Day 4 - Rest



My question is should I do the same exercises on each day (and chAnge after a period) or change it for every session?


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16 hours ago, Youdontknowme said:

Think about progressive overload and how impossible that would be if you were constantly changing things up. I do know most ppl routines have an A and B setup for each day. Pick a routine and stick to it

This ^ nothing works for ever but give it a decent amount of time with a routine, and gradually switch things up when they don't work as well.  Generally a couple of months give or take. As long as you're progressing, stick with it. 

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