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Do you get a full recovery after a pct?

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Did anybody compared his sexual lebido and erection, the free testosterone levels, ejaculation time and all the sexual functions before starting any cycle and after running a cycle??!! 

Because I feel it doesn’t really make sense to me to say you will have a full recovery from abusing steroids I feel it is like hearimg someone says you will have a full recovery after an injury after receiving some health care!! 

There will be absolutely some scars left on your skin. 

So the quastion in simple words:

What is the ratio of your  genitals functions after running the pct to how they were before abusing anything. 1:1exactly the same 0:1 lost your genitals completely 

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P. S. I prefer to hear from people who run a cycle in an early age. 

So please tell how were you before you started your cycle were you even good? 

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I’m afraid your question isn’t really a valid one. The problem is your response to steroids and recovery may be totally different to that of someone else your age. People can only comment on what happened to them and this won’t necessarily happen to you.

One steroid cycle could permanently damage your hpta system or you might fully recover and full recovery is the most likely outcome if you are young.

Problem is nobody ever did one cycle.

It’s fair to assume you don’t have anything wrong with you so a comprehensive blood panel won’t be necessary. You should have hormones tested pre cycle and post cycle. Only then will you ever know if you have either recovered or caused damage. There are no alternatives. 

You need to get total test, free test, lh, fsh and shbg levels. Hcg on cycle is also essential. If you cannot afford the 2 blood tests and hcg you’d be best advised leaving steroids alone until you can. 


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