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Millionaires of UKM

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Citreon Berlingo LWB crew van. Doubles as work and family vehicle.

Most expensive motor I've ever owned , 4.4L petrol ex demo X5 , 6 months old. Unless you're absolutely minted and money is literally no object, expensive motors are a mug's game IMO and experience! . May as well just get your money stick it in a bin liner and tip it straight down the nearest drain. Cut out the middle man. 

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34 minutes ago, BLUE(UK) said:

It probably needs a service. :lol:

It had one a couple of months ago when the exhaust dropped off. The Garage guys eyeballs rolling back into his head as he tried to stifle the howls of laughter led me to believe I had problems.....:whistling::lol::lol:.  Love my car, hurr hurr.

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