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Time for and want a babba

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Hello guys,

Apologies for not checking in for a while, but of course after trying to have a little nipper for a year with no success I begin to question my fertility. Would appreciate some some help from the experts here. Hope everyone is doing alright 



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After years of AAS abuse I had a jizz test and my GP said it was so low there was absolutely no need for my missus to use any form of contraception. 

I went on a 2 week cycle of high dose HCG and Proviron and boom..... pregnant!

3 years later after even more AAS abuse she decided she’d like an addition to the family.... jizz test.... same response from GP ...... same HCG/Proviron protocol from me .... same outcome .

Of course although I may have been producing only a tiny amount of semen, there may have been some seriously strong swimmers aboard and got lucky.... but twice? .... who knows.

Apart from that little story I’d take heed of the prudent first response.

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Hello mate

Like a couple of the lads above, I used HCG and Clomid both times I got wife pregnant, the first of which may have been coincidence as I was just blasting a 'power pct' at the time, but the second time round I intentionally ran a fertility protocol with the purpose of knocking her up. I think we were quite lucky as I only had to run the protocol for 6 weeks before hitting the jackpot and a lot of the research I’ve read suggests it may take up to 3 months for the protocol to take effect properly.

My cycle was as follows:

– 1500iu HCG – EOD
– 75iu HMG – EOD (alternate with HCG)
– 50mg Clomid – ED
– 20mg Nolva – ED (was advised this will help keep estro down, as well as prevent desensitisation from the HCG – how much truth there is to this I don’t know but ran it anyway on the off chance this advice was correct)
– Fertility Multivitamin (probably had very little effect but thought it can’t hurt)

I had Proviron on hand as I’ve read this can help boost sperm motility, but didn’t end up needing to use it.

Hope this helps anyway. Good luck mate!

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