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Hand With Numb Finger

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I stabbed my hand other day (Centre of Palm) - my middle finger went numb, and is still numb. 

Not sure what damage is done other than a chopped nerve but I MIGHT of slightly cut a tendon and if I add weight it could snap.


What workouts can I do with a Goosed hand? 

I do Push Ups on my fists (Feels better than Open-Palm)

Should I Bench Light and see what happens?  

I cant sit here waiting months or weeks for stupid thing to heal up


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39 minutes ago, hmgs said:

:confused1:  Don’t you have a tv/radio you can watch, or neighbours you can bother with this stuff?

Yer I got all them - even got internet AND PC, damn - I even have windows.

I got everything bro - everything. EVERYTHING... EVEN NOTHING ahaha.. got it all bro.


Still don't help me with my question though, that's why I asked here - direct ''Yes/No'' type stuff.

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