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Foot skin health

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My left foot has for years had peeling skin, maybe athletes food, fungal toe etc. Only on my left foot. Other foot is perfectly fine and normal. 

Anyone know any creams I can get to treat it?Thanks,





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Had that in the past. Get a pumice stone and scrub the dead stuff off it, may have to do this a few times per week over a few weeks to get it all off. Wash your feet regularly and if you can moisturise them. If you get a heat rash looking series of raised lumps post exercise it could be a sweat induced eczema, I've been prescribed a cortisol cream and its sorted my trotters right out. Pumice stone really helps.

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It makes me wonder too. When I was recently prescribed Metformin, as nice as my GP is, that was it. He said see you in 2 months to test my HbA1c again to see if the medication has helped, as it went up to 113.

Any further advice etc I have had to seek for myself. Thank the Lord for the kind peeps on this forum. The dietitian was helpful yesterday, but slightly against different ways of which foods to eat or diets to try   https://buyarmodafinil.com/buy-smart-pills/free-modafinil-trial-pack/

I don't know what reading my HBA1c is recorded in or how high 113 is. Sorry, digressing to something else now lol, I don't want to gatecrash your post.

I'm due for my diabetes check soon, checking my feet etc, so I'll soon see how it goes.

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