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What's my bf? Would you bulk or cut?

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Fully expecting a thorough piss-taking :D

I know the pics arent the best quality, seem to be a stone or so lighter than when this lockdown kicked off, currently sitting at 15 stone. 6 ft 2. Lost a lot of size round my waist/midsection but in general my muscles are tiny compared to what they were pre lockdown, I look a lot smaller. 

Currently tapering off prednisolone which can cause bloating and weight gain. 

Really not sure what to do once the gyms are back open, I'm motivated the most when I'm seeing results, and I can put size on very easily by just eating everything. But since sort of Nov/Dec last year have been putting a lot of fat on. And never did cardio so this is something I'm going to start doing, just for general health if anything.

Anyway any general advice?



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Personally think you need to cut further, but everyone has their own vision of what they'd like to look like

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