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Noobie here hi everyone

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Hi everyone I'm new to training (serious training that is) 

I'm 31 weighing in at 234lb or 16 stone 10 to my fellow engliahman/lady 


Looking at shedding the gut I've acquired over the last year and half and get to my goal weight of 13 stone 

To lose 2lb a week a certain calorie app (dunno if we're allowed to mention apps on here) has told me to take in 1830 calories a day with

Carb 97g

Pro 82g 

Fat 41g 


Does this seem right to you more experienced people out there as I wanna try and maintain some kind of muscle I'm gunna try and build up and keep along to lose of fat I'm aware it hard to do both and I'm not looking at becoming hench by this but don't wanna look a skinny little shrimp as the end result lol my protein just seems quite low for this


Any help wold be great


Thanks in advance ?

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Those macronutrient goals can't be right at all mate, there's 4 calories in a gram of carbs/protein and 9 for fats. If you ate to those macro numbers you'd be much closer to 1k calories than 1.8k. 

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