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Thoughts Deca + Dbol + Test E

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10 hours ago, js77 said:

My God, someone who actually doesn’t just  blindly throw in an ai!!

Ive gone far higher than a gram of test, circa 1g npp and EQ with no ai.

Felt amazing. No gyno, libido and energy sky high.


Then you are a prat ("Felt amazing. No gyno, libido and energy sky high")(yeah i felt like that to before i knew what ancillaries were) if you think those other factors i mentioned don't effect you, it's medical fact.

Oh and @no-one 

 "but you shouldn't take a whole bunch of prescription pills just because some bloke hiding behind a guise has told you to do so"

i didn't say that so cut the crap.

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15 hours ago, no-one said:

Perhaps have anti oestrogen and anti breast cancer drugs on hand if you need them, but you shouldn't take a whole bunch of prescription pills just because some bloke hiding behind a guise has told you to do so.  Probaby most likely someone who isn't medically nor pharmaceutically qualified to make these recommendations. 

People who make these statements are either going by personal experience or marketing prescription drugs which you may or may not need.  They aren't medical practitioners FFS.

Also, a lot of people on here have no business going near 19-Nors.  Some look like they have only just started out training and looking for a shortcut to 'superior gains'.  It won't work, you'll just end up looking like an inflated water balloon. 

It pi;ses me off.  Especially seeing the state of some of these UGL set ups manufacturing this crap.  Most of the time by Herberts, with next to no medical experience. 

Check out the gammons behind Wildcat research labs.  I remember one source claiming that they one of the best UGLS going.  FFS.


Then there was d-hacks, also offered by a couple of mancunian gammons.  The c*nt behind it couldn't even keep his personal identify off the radar:


Also, unless you're a professional body builder, you shouldn't have any need to go near Nandrolone or it's horrible androgenic derivative.


**The End**





A doctor WOULD back up all the possible high e side effects listed by @stargazer tho...that's the point

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17 hours ago, stargazer said:

But you do need it for the best outcome even if you don't realise it.  It's not all about just gyno mate.

I'll post this again.

*It can affect your libido and sexual function.

*It causes fatigue (ask anyone if they have experienced so called test flu on the first cycles, 90% of the time this is due to the huge increase in estrogen).

*It raises TBG, this causes bloat and puts a strain on your kidneys.

*It raises SHBG, this leaves less free test for you to grow.

*It is also a causative factor in enlarged prostate, do you really need this when exogenous test converting to DHT is also another causative factor in BPH.

*It also causes gyno as i'm sure you know.

*It's extremely suppresive to HPTA function and will inhibit your recovery post cycle.


Prat!!!!!! Seems like the ai isnt working and making you somewhat ‘ratty’.. PMT perhaps??

If this is the list you’re referring to then the only potential problems I didn’t mention, as far as I can see at least, are :

’raising SHBG’... at 21 stone and 5’9, ‘growing has never been as issue for me, so I assume this isn’t an issue for me.

‘bloat’...even at 21 stone I suffered very little. Slin did change to be fair but can hardly be controlled by ai!!

‘HPTA’....never had any issue with libido when ‘off’/‘cruising’. Got the missus pregnant twice when ‘cruising’.

‘Prostate’ ....lost 2 uncles within two weeks and in 2017 due to PC. My wife and mum etc etc walk me to my GP for a check every 3 months and no issues there. Although it does slightly enlarge when running tren but reduces quickly when I stop.

AI at a low dose produces huge lethargy and depression on the few occasions I’ve tried it.

Maybe im just one of those ‘prats’ who goes by his own personal anecdotal experience to decide which meds’ suit him best.....oh sorry and medical advice.

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14 hours ago, stargazer said:

This is old news, personally i have used both those labs extensively and never had an issue with either of them, i'm sure hundreds of guys on here will tell you the same.

What were you expecting? a 100000K lab set up with guys in masks and white coats? get a grip and stop telling guys they have no business going near 19nors, especially after you have already pointed out the part i highlighted, what a fookin hypocrite.

Last time i checked the UK was still a democracy and a free country, so take your bull5hit ideas back to where you parroted them from


Think carefully before having a go at me old chap.  I know more than what you think.

Let that notion simmer a bit :)

P.S the UK is far from a free country.  Excluding parasites, tax dodgers and benefit cheats of course. :)

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