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L-Arginine 1000mg enough?

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Hi all, 

I’m relatively new to all of this, so forgive me if I’m asking a stupid question...

I’m currently trying to lose about 5-10% body fat while increasing my lean muscle mass - “culking” to some. I’ve massively increased my protein intake (paying attention to macros), as well as my exercise regime.

I’ve read a lot about the effects of L-Arginine and how this can be extremely beneficial to those who want to achieve the kind of goals I’m setting out for myself. However, I’m worried I might be doing things half-hearted...

I bought a large tub of 1000mg L-Arginine tablets, apparently “enough for a year” (one per day). Is this enough? I’m reading conflicting reports, and it would seem that actually I should be taking considerably more than this! I don’t want to continue wasting these by taking one per day, if the effects will be negligible.

As I said, apologies if this is a ridiculous question, or if it’s been asked a million times - any advice greatly appreciated! 



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what faipdeooiad said but also I'd add it's also bad for you to supplement individual amino acids. 

all proteins are made up of amino acids. When you eat food your body then breaks the protein down into its individual amino acid components: L-Arginine, Histidine, L-Tryptophan etc. 


The body then decides what to do with them. They can all be used for many different things. 


The body will take some of them and put them back together to construct proteins again 


Some of them will be carried away to another part of the body to be combined with other chemicals and become something else


Some of them can become neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin


some are precursors to histamine which governs your immune response 


Natural foods provide amino acids in the correct ratios so that the body can get everything it needs. it can send certain aminos off to become whatever it needs and it can recombine the rest back into the proteins it needs. 


transporters which take the needed amino acids to the correct place aren't fussy they can bind with different ones, they can just carry away the first one they find.  


if you upset the balance by having too much of one then the transporters will be more likely to always find and carry that one off and all the others will be less likely to be found and so you'll end up deficient in the others, or in what they would have gone on to become had they been found first by a transporter.  


then also to construct proteins multiple different types of amino acids are needed to be combined together so even if you have lots of one type it won't matter as the one you're lowest in will stop you from being able to construct the protein you need. 


so in general I think it's just a very bad idea to take isolated amino acids without knowing what you're affecting and what you're trying to achieve. 


also amino acid supplements are mostly a scam. proteins are made from amino acids. if you try to sell 1g of protein supplement people won't buy it but if you call it amino acids 50mg leucine 50mg valine etc then it sounds good and people buy it. but it's just 1g of protein named differently. 


then to go further, in case people figured that con out the supplement companies say well this is a pure isolated amino acid or this is our special unique blend of just 4 of them.. same con but they try to make it even more complicated and hide the fact they're just selling tiny amounts of protein that's actually worthless. 


Taking large amounts of 1 amino acid can have a big effect but you really have to know what you're trying to do and be careful. Taking large amounts of 3 or 4 amino acids together I think that's a very bad idea as there are way too many effects to keep track of.  And these effects they are for example L-Dopa, the amino acid precursor to dopamine can increase dopamine production, can help with symptoms of Parkinsons related to low dopamine. This is the kind of thing they can actually be used for. But for bodybuilding taking large amounts of 1 amino acid doesn't have any place at all. 


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 here is arginine in 140g chicken breast so don't worry you won't be missing out on arginine if you just eat normal proteins 


and no 1000mg a day isn't enough you will be eating about 10,000mg a day if you eat 160g protein see 


1000mg of arginine a day you'd be very deficient but luckily you already get a lot more than that from your food. 


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