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Next cycle to go with test?

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On 28/03/2020 at 7:37 PM, stuey99 said:

Some will suffer very few sides from nandrolones, some will have loads,  some (including myself) will get way worse sides from nandrolone than from tren...anxiety issues from deca/npp can be brutal

To advise someone they will get worse sides from one than the other...or one of them light on sides you would need a crystal ball lol

I'm not saying the op shouldn't run them...I'm saying he shouldn't expect his response to these compounds to mirror yours

I will never touch deca again... The anxiety like you say was brutal, completely f**ked my head up...extremely depressed and suicidal. Needles to say I Cut the cycle short as it wasnt worth it. 

But like you say everyone is different. I was depressed and anxious as f**k... My mate loves the stuff and feels on top of the world on it. Everyone reacts differently. 

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