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Medichecks TRT blood test results are in! Advice please

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On 08/04/2020 at 2:41 PM, Foxnews said:

I kinda do that why I had my blood checked..

looking at the figures I would like to bring up the test level and lower the est level, not sure how much T supplements I would need to take to achieve that.


Be careful and do anything you do with open eyes. You can't top up natural testosterone with exogenous injections or topical gels. It's not that simple. You'll shut yourself down. 

I am also 43. I have been pretty fit for most of my life, half decent cyclist. I was still stronger than most in my mid 30's but started slowing down nearing 40. I did a couple of really low dose cycles of anavar in my late 30's which definitely made me stronger on a bike and made my body feel /look younger, but only on cycle. Around this I really struggled with my mood and consistency in fitness. I got checked a couple of years ago, my total test was actually pretty good, 18nmol/l. But I was obsessing about it and convinced that it feel better if I "topped it up".  I was also recovering from a knee injury and after months of physio still had alot of pain and muscle wastage... I was depressed really.. so in my stupid depressed logic I started using a small amount of testogel everyday to 'top up', felt a bit better initially, presumably because it did actually sit ontop of my endogenous test, but then over a few weeks, not much different, and then actually worse, as I was incrementally shutting myself down. Got a blood test after 3 or 4 months and my total test was 9.9nmol/l...!!! It had dropped massively!! Lh was on the floor, estrogen zip.. and my balls were noticeably atrophy'd.. I'd basically shut myself down with a tiny dose..so then I had to double my testogel and add in 500iu of hcg everyday 3 days. On this I do feel pretty good, better than I have in years, my libido is great, lower body fat, more motivation and my wife really likes the confidence and assertiveness that's comes back for me... so it's good..  but, I'm fully replacing my testosterone with daily gel and jabbing everyday 3 days... I'm not topping up.. topping up isnt really an option.. so it's an all or nothing commitment and although I do it on the cheap using Pharma grade bought from steriod sources, it's still about 70quid a month.. forever...  So based on my experience, I think you need wiegh it up, have you exhausted non trt options for feeling better yet? If you do do it,  you have to do it properly and realise that it's a long term faff and financial commitment, and stopping will be tough. 

Good luck! 

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