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Diet help needed

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Hello guys im after some diet help

Im just under 16st and in the gym 4/5days a week and training is going well

Prob is i always struggle with the stomach and my shape never changes on my stomach id like to loose about 1half...2st then bulk but iv always struggled with the diet side of things 

Any diet plans recommemded or know were i can get one would be a great help

Any help welcomed thanks matt

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Hey Matt, I guess people have avoided this as your question is kind of vague... However I would use an online calculator to get a rough estimate of your daily caloric needs.. Take 400-500 off of that number and that is what you should aim for 40/40/20 or 40/35/25 Protein/carb/fats. The main thing is calories, so download my fitness pal or calorie counter, this will be your best friend whilst dieting. 

This should give you a good start.. Then modify the diet as required over time 

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