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Fixing deadlift technique?

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Hi guys,

I have recently returned to training after maybe 18 months off. My precious best deadlift was 240k

this weekend I worked up to 200 x3, the weight felt ok but when I looked at the video my form was off. I was taking the slack out the bar but was dipping my legs into it too aggressively. It was like a bad version of Cailer Woolam’s form.

My plan is to drop to 160-165 and consciously work on the technique. I’m planning to start with 5 triples.

My actual deadlift day-

deadlift 5x3, starting at 160. Add 2.5/week

good morning, 5x5 again start light

split squats 2 x8-12, 1x12-15

calves and ab work

Does this sound like a reasonable strategy? My aim is to reinforce and maintain good technique. 

I’ll post up a video after my next deadlift day.

thank you for your help.

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It's much more than just dropping the load.

Putting up the video would definitely bring the right input on table. 

You need to see the weak link in your whole range of motion. Are you feeling the problem in the initial pull, hip rising or locks or any other and then adding the assistance on the basis of same over your regular deadlift should help them.

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