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Another introduction

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I have just joined a gym, first time I have set foot in one ever, because I have lost 25kg, and want to lose some more, and maybe be a better shape, im 95kg now and probably want to either lose another 8kg or swap it for some muscle!

I was always the one at school to concoct excuses not to do PE, so literally everything is totally new to me, including getting out of breath on purpose.

Anyway, i joined a small local gym, its nice and quiet, not pretentious at all, suits me spot on, and im surprised how enjoyable it is, once i forget about everything and just do it. 

I use the treadmill at the start and end for 20 mins and I do some weights on the machines in-between, so im there for about 1hr 20 mins, 6 times a week. 

I'm using the same machines because they are the ones i can remember to work, there is one where you push with your legs, but since i saw a vid of someone pushing too far and breaking his knee, im kinda wary of that! 


So, i joined here to waffle on, because it makes me feel better, because I get really stressed doing new things like this (and i mean getting ready to faint). I was gonna get a PT, but having watched one with someone, I don't think its for me, I probably want someone to make me a routine, and then show me how to do it 


it's also a secret, nobody knows :D

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