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Real or fake HCG

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8 minutes ago, Endomorph84 said:

Ive only ever used the water BAC that comes with.

I mix HCG in the same barrel  as the oil, and yes it stings mate.

You'll be reet mate, give it a few weeks and your skittle balls will be swinging to and fro.

I never really suffer from hypotrophy my nuts stay the same size and I always produce sensible loads on cycle lol.

I’m confident it’ll work bro I just want to cross the T’s and dot the I’s.

IVF seems to be getting more and more common?

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1 hour ago, LethweiUK said:

Just jabbed some and for the first time ever using HCG it burned like hell during the jab?

I used purified water to mix it with.

What water did you use exactly? 

Just use the water that comes with it bro 

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