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After years of munching on Sweet potatoes, brown rice, brown pasta I am looking at changing things up a little.

Are there any major downsides from switching to white pasta, white potatoes or even some noodles through the week if the total calories all fit?

Got my waist  line right down the past 6 months and don't want to pile it back on around there because thats the first place it goes for me unfortunately.

What are your carb staples? 

Im very sedentary at the minute due to changing job roles for the next 12 months so Im only looking toward having 200g per day.


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At 200g a day wouldn't read too much into it mate.

Wholewheat/ brown carb sources are low GI. Where white bread bread and pasta are low to moderate.

If you have any concerns then just try and keep the carbs that are high GI around your workout and make sure each meal is ‘balanced’ with a carb > fat ratio of 4:1, bare minimum.

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