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Need help with my abbreviated routine please

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Currently undergoing physio for a L5 S1 bulge due to an accident, I've been given the green light to do upper body work with the below exercises while I'm in physio and I'm doing lower body work at the clinic

The exercises that I can do dont hurt me at all

So my question is, is this ok for two days a week Only thing missing is the lower body portion Squat and deads

This will be temporary until I get the green light from physio to start on lower body work at home. 

I normally follow the big six routine by multiyear but my question is about the routine only if it will be fine to build my upper body still with linear progression

Home Plan
Day 1-
Bench Press
Weighted Inverted Rows

Day 2-

So as a fan of HIT/Abbreviated training will this work? 

Thankyou, I just need reassurance that it's fine for upper body.

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