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Cutting calories

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Hey :)

Iv been on a 3700 cal bulk for around 4 month and added about a stone in weight, I'm away on holiday is 8 weeks and I'm looking at doing a 3 week cut before I go. What cals should i drop down to?

I'm 5ft 9, 13 stone, 39 years old... i have a active job and currently doing a ppl routine 4 days a week.. currently doing no cv at all.



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1 minute ago, interloper393 said:

Ok buddy, keep protein to 1g per lbs of bodyweight? 

If you like mate, that's the normal bro science ratio but don't obsess.

0.8g per lb of lean body mass is deemed the minimal to prevent muscle loss in a deficit.

So at 1g per lb of overall body weight, you're well within it mate :thumbup1:


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