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First show advice - U75kg fitness model

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Just looking for some guidance for my first show coming up in Manchester on 5th July - Pure Elite U75kg men’s fitness model.

Got just over 18 weeks to go. My plan is to eat well (calorie surplus) at around 4000cals+ a day for the next 10 weeks  (40C/30P/30F split). And monitor weight gain at +1lb a week. I have a sub optimal Test levels so gaining size is slow for me. Just getting some new bloods done today so should know results tomorrow to see where my levels are. (Might even think about doing a cycle being as I’m not competing in a natural class) 

Then start a cut 8/9 weeks out. I’m 28, 5’9” (175cm) and 73kg, around 10-12% BF.  (See picture)

Hitting a lot of hypertrophey 5 times a week with a little bit of conditioning thrown in just to keep my fitness up as I’m from a competitive CrossFit background. Keeping any extra cardio to zero for now as size is the goal. Being a fit guy and the hyperactive thyroid means cutting is no issue for me.

Any advice on if my timeline is good, or should I be starting to cut now is appreciated! Still need to figure out the lead up to the show and if I need to do anything with carb/sodium loading!?

Advice is appreciated!


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8-9 Weeks is not very much time at all to be cutting into a show, you want to be ready 2 weeks out as well so you only really have 16 weeks.


If i were you i'd start cutting now but only lower calories by a small amount and moniter from there, your goal for a prep shouldnt be to grow and add size.

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