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Training legs twice a week

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Hello, what do you think of training legs twice a week. Like a push pull routine.

I was thinking of doing this.

Chest and biceps



Hamstrings focused with light quads

Shoulders and triceps


Quad focused with light hamstrings 

I find if I do quads and hamstrings on same day my hamstring portion suffers because of fatigue.  I want to really train quads and give it all my all without worrying about saving energy.


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On 23/02/2020 at 9:21 PM, swole troll said:

looks fine 

one of my favorite splits is 

Bench, chest and tris, Rowing movements for back and bis
Squats, quads and core work
Military press, shoulders and tris, Vertical pulls for back and bis
Deadlift, Hamstrings and core work

I might try this.. When would you calves though?

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17 minutes ago, superpube said:

I might try this.. When would you calves though?

I don't, my calves are disproportionately big with no direct training ever

calves like forearms are largely genetic

sure you can grow them but have you ever seen anyone's calves 'blow up' 

that said you'd just program a few sets in on your lower days 

I'd pick your 2 favorite calf exercises and do 4x20 on one lower day with say seated calf raise for example and then the same 4x20 with standing calf raise on the other lower day both using descending reps as you fatigue 

so it might look something like 20, 18, 15, 12 using the same weight throughout 

rep scheme and sets isn't that relevant provided you get a decent pump and MMC (as is the case with all isos) but I'd limit it to just 1 exercise with low rest times and 3-5 sets so that you're not 'wasting time' hitting your calves from multiple angles in one session as again they're never going to blow up and they're small muscles so don't need a ton of volume 

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