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Resistance bands question

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I've just got into boosting some of my lifts and working on reaching 100kg bench press specifically as it's one area of my training I've never really excelled in. I've been training for years now both natural and on gear and despite having a poor bench I've done pretty well on other lifts considering my level of consistent commitment and personal situations. I'm a sprint triathlete and above average overall runner/swimmer/cyclist and I've easily been on a ratio 60/40 veering towards cardio dominant workouts. I'm at 82.5kg flat barbell bench press now for 1RM and I've been looking at resistance bands for encouraging instability and creating a high degree of drive and power at the top of the lift.


1. Considering my bench press ability what resistance weight am I looking at in the bands? I' ve seen a red band which has 4-23kg of resistance. Would this be enough to get the desired effect or would I need to go higher?

2. I've got a left rotator cuff injury (recovering year by year) that does slightly affect my bench press but is not severe enough to have made it impossible. I always incorporate internal/external rotation as well as band pull aparts and general warmups before and after workouts. Is using bands just asking for trouble?

3. My standing overhead press (with little leg drive after time off and fresh in the gym) is higher than my bench press at 85kg for 1 rep. Is this normal or does this infer a muscle imbalance or significant weaknesses in other areas of my body?

29, male, currently 82kg but lean and free of water weight I'm about 70-73kg, 7 years lifting experience (roughly equates to bodybuilding: 10%, powerlifting: 10%, strength training: 20%, cardio: 60%), currently on cycle - Test E @ 600mg per week (e3d)



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