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Returning to training but feel like a different person

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Hi all,

I am 29 and returning to training properly again after 3 years. I am struggling a lot. I feel very weak, struggle with dizziness, lighth headedness, poor strange and no pump etc. I remember how i used to feel like and and how i could go on and on and enjoy my training and how it felt. But now is nothing like then. 


To give an idea:

When i stopped i was 78 kg and deadlifted 150kg 2 -3 reps. 


I am not 84 kg and cant deadlift more than 85kg....


One other thing to note is age i feel like i am older than i was so perhaps hormones has to do with it??

The biggest change in me that i know of is the mental issues. I have gone through quite a lot and and want to include this in the question because this might have to do with it.

Thanks for your thoughts. Any analysis, thoughts would be helpful.

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