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Anything to make my dick grow?

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your boyfriends mouth may help ;) 

your balls may shrink due to them not having to make testosterone but dick size is probably all in your mind rather than reality.

Others say that Steroids do not impact the male’s penis unless he is still on the growing stage of his development. Some say that the growth stage is basically over at 18 and other at 21.

The basic rule is that anything that converts to estrogen (like testosterone, nandrolone and equipoise) could stop your penis from growing and anything that can’t convert to estrogen (like primobolan, masterone and anavar) could potentially make you bigger for life.

i suppose we will now have Drwae trying to grow his John Thomas :D  post your trials and tribulations here Drwae ;) 


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Hormones definitely affect dick size temporarily. Low and high estrogen both f**k your body's ability to make NO which is which it will feel smaller in your hand. NO makes your dick muscles relax and without it they cannot. Low estro definitely does that.  Cialis makes mine swollen as hell. I love it. Unfortunately my face goes puffy too otherwise I'd be on it forever.

Tren does not give you ED on its own but it highly affects the rate testosterone aromatises at so you may have to make adjustments accordingly.  Also masteron is godsent to your dick problems on your tren cycle. I've found out prolactin rarely is the problem. If it is the first sign is numbness and milky tits. Usually it's e2.

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22 hours ago, JohnnySack said:

Can you tell me about those pills ? Like....for a friend. Obvs.

I don’t really know. My mate bought them from a magazine about 15 years ago and used them and they did nothing for him. They were called cock grow and we’re about £40 for 2 weeks supply. Might work for you though :) 

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